100% DS Games with the r4 3ds,r4i

Posted by admin - August 31st, 2015

You can get 100% game play with the r4 3ds,r4i even with the new firmware. You do not have to sacrifice any game play with the right card. This card has it all. It really stacks up the features and the performance especially when you compare it to other cards on the market.


The r4 3ds,r4i offers a great range of easy game play with fewer problems than other cards. The performance is excellent and it offers great saving emulators and WIFI downloads. Supports a long standby time and offers all the other features you could want.

The performance is stable unlike other cards that often fail when they are put to the test. You get less freezes and less starts and stops.

Real Thing

You always get the real thing. There are plenty of “cards” that are not actual cards that are sold on the internet with the r4 3ds,r4i you never have to worry about fakes. You always get the real thing because the r4 3ds,r4i is provided by a trusted manufacturer.

There has been plenty of research and development that went into the creation of this card. This card delivers as promised.

The Leader

The r4 3ds,r4i is the leader in R cards because it delivers as promised. Of course being the leader also makes it one of the most popular cards. Being the most popular cards means that there is plenty of support from other users and the manufacturer.

You can find plenty of information online through forums and other venues about how to get the most out of the r4 3ds,r4i. This industry leader offers all the great options that take your Nintendo DS to an entirely new level use. The Nintendo DS deserves the r4 3ds,r4i, it was made for the Nintendo DS.

Don’t Settle

Why settle for a card that is not going to allow 100% of play time? You can get a great card at a fair price that will easily help you to get everything that you want to get out of your Nintendo DS. Don’t settle for anything but the best. You have waited a long time to get a card that can really take your gaming to an entirely new level.

The r4 3ds,r4i is like no other card on the market. Get all the play time that you want with all of the games that you want to play.

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