Crash Bandicoot Will have a Playstation 4 Reboot

Posted by admin - July 9th, 2016

Fans of the iconic shirtless orange hero, Crash Bandicoot, will be remastered and will be released sometime next year for the Playstation 4 game console.

In the E3 2016 event, Sony has announced that the iconic Crash Bandicoot will have three of its games revamped from the ground up. Those games are the titular Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Now, because there are already three Crash Bandicoot games that will get remastered and to be released for the Playstation 4 game console, fans are asking if a new Crash Bandicoot game is in the works.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t have an answer to that, but they did say this: Activision has the final say.

You see, Crash Bandicoot is currently under Activision’s grasp. Activision is the one to say if there is a new Crash Bandicoot game or not.

I think that will not be farfetched since Crash Bandicoot games are always fun and a lot of people are actually buying an original copy of the game.

If the sales of the remastered editions of the Crash Bandicoot games are exceptionally good, they might be thinking of creating an entirely new Crash Bandicoot game.

In other news, the iconic Crash will also be a part of the new Skylanders game called “Imaginators”.

This is actually a good thing. If you are not familiar with the Skylanders’ series, each game will have a physical platform or hub and you will be given a figurine. The figurine can be put on the platform and it will summon that figurine as a playable character in the game.

This means that you can get a Crash Bandicoot figurine so that you can put it on the platform and so that you can play as Crash in the new Skylanders game.

Now, the new Skylanders: Imaginators game is actually quite a unique one in itself. If you are dreaming of having your own figurine to be used in the game, you can actually get yourself your very own figurine.

All you have to do is go to a participating Toys R’ Us branch and have them create a figurine as per your specifications.

After that, they will give you the figurine after a few days and you can then enjoy your very own character in the game.

Now, fans are excited about this news and fans are also reluctant to have this collaboration. Why is that?

Back in 2011, the Skylanders game was introduced to the world with the help of Spyro the dragon. It was called “Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure”. It was a cool way to introduce a new game and the Skylanders franchise really took off.

The downside? Fans of Spyro are blaming the Skylanders franchise because there aren’t any new Spyro games after that one.

Some fans believe that Crash will suffer the same fate. But, I think that is just not the case here.

Crash is a very popular character and fans are clamoring for new Crash Bandicoot games. Even if he is featured in the new Skylanders game, I think, if anything, he will come back to the fore and be popular again.

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