Attack the Light Game for iOS

Posted by admin - March 16th, 2016

There aren’t a lot of compelling RPG games for the iOS, but thankfully, the RPG games that are currently in the Apple App store are quite good.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Attack the Light Game for iOS. It is a 2D RPG game unlike no other. It’s got some unique battle system mechanics and a compelling storyline and it does have a cartoonish spin on the graphics. We will be talking about every facet of the game in this article.

The game revolves around four kids, namely Garnet, Amethyst, Steven, and Pearl. Their mission is to stop the baddies from powering up the Gem weapon that could potentially destroy the city.

Each of the four characters has their own unique gems. Garnet has the power of fire, Pearl has the power to create holographic images, Amethyst can summon a powerful Puma, and Steven has a non-elemental gem that can summon allies in combat.

All of the characters’ gems have unique attributes and upgrades. This game follows the same premise to that of other RPG games in that after levelling up, you can choose to increase a character’s stat and his/her abilities.

If you think that the Attack the Light Game for iOS mobile phones is just child’s play, you are wrong. In this game, you can explore magical caves, collect amazingly rare treasures and level up your characters as well. Not to mention, this game has its fair share of battles and boss fights as well, so you will pretty much be occupied for hours.

The game’s battle system is a turn-based approach where each character has their own specific turn. A character’s next turn will be indicated on their portrait (it will be indicated with a bar that is increasing and when it is full, the character can then either attack or cast spells).

This game incorporates tap and swipe gestures to control your characters. What I love about the battle system is that whenever you attack, you can tap or swipe in a controlled manner (in other words, you have to time the tap) and it will do 2x or even 3x more damage to the enemy.

Conversely, if it’s your enemy’s turn to attack, you can also tap the screen (again, you have to time your taps) and the damage you will receive will be halved. This is actually a pretty interesting dynamic.

The Attack the Light Game for iOS mobile phones also allow you to do Gem Fusion. Basically, some or all of your characters can fuse their gem’s powers to create one powerful attack. This is especially helpful for battles that are quite hard to complete, like boss battles, for example.

The Attack the Light Game for iOS uses your mobile phone’s data to sync your game’s progress. In the event that your iPhone goes bonkers, you do not have to worry about your game’s progress as you can just redownload it when you’ve installed the game again.

Just make sure to use a mobile phone signal booster so that the uploading process will not be interrupted due to low signal reception.

The Attack the Light Game for iOS is amazing RPG game with some unique elements to it. This game only costs $3 and is available on the Apple App store.