Camera+ app for iPhones

Posted by admin - January 18th, 2016

All of the mobile phones that you see on the market today all sport great cameras with each company making their own proprietary camera technology.

Technology is ever evolving, yes, and that is also true for the mobile phone cameras. But, if the hardware keeps on evolving, that is not usually the case on the software side.

Most companies often neglect the software because they are always looking for ways to improve the hardware. The software part of the camera is also equally important.

The iPhone is probably one of the best mobile phones on the market today. With its impressive camera and gorgeous display, one will always marvel at the remarkable picture clarity that the iPhone’s camera can bring to the table.

But, with an impressive camera, the software that comes with the iPhone leaves much to be desired. Luckily, there is an app that can help increase the appeal of your photos.

The Camera+ app for iPhones is a great camera replacement app for the iPhone. This app was first introduced back when the iPhone 4 was still king, but the app has had major improvements since then.

So, what makes the Camera+ app for iPhones leaps and bounds better than the default camera app in iPhones? Well, it comes with a plethora of features that increases the quality of your photos.

Let’s go over its features one by one. The Camera+ app allows you to set the focus and the exposure differently. This allows you to control how much light should go in the camera so that it can ultimately affect the photos that you take.

The app also gives you a lot of shooting modes. In the Stabilizer mode, for example, you can capture the sharpest images because it will make use of a photo-stabilizer technology. This is especially useful if you’re taking selfies as most of the time, you will have your hand shake a little bit when you’re taking selfies.

It also has a timer mode if you want to capture specifically timed moments. There is also a burst mode where you can set how many photos the camera takes at any specified amount of time.

The Camera+ app for iPhones also has an amazing digital zoom capability. It allows you to do a 6x digital zoom with unmatched picture quality. In fact, people have touted this camera app as the best one when it comes to zooming as picture quality does not diminish even if you use the full 6x zoom.

Another neat feature of the Camera+ app for iPhones is that it automatically adjusts your captured photos and it makes sure to tweak the necessary adjustments. The result is that you’ll have a clear photo, each and every time.

And also, the app also contains a ton of effects you can choose from. Some effects are HDR which making your photos gleam; Grunge effect if you want to make your photos a little bit dirty; Feel an emotional vibe with the So Emo effect, and so on.

The Camera+ app for iPhones has evolved through the years and the developer always make it a point to add in-app purchases to further increase the app’s functionality.

The Camera+ app for iPhones costs $3.27 for an initial download and in-app purchases may vary. If you want to take full control of the iPhone’s camera with a slew of extra features, definitely download the Camera+ app.